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Slope, crooked, scratched, deep, thick and shifty! but it all started with playing bongos in his schoolband.... After some years of growing up, he started listening to "hr3 Clubnight" in 1997 and that was the beginning of his passion for electronic music. About one year later, he met a mixer for the first time and fell in love. After some month of learning the art of mixing he played on some Youth-Parties in is hometown. Over the years he got a lot of influences in different styles of music. At the beginning there was Jack... nope, just jokin! At the beginning there was a lot of pumping Techno, Wonky and Brighton stuff, but that wasn't it at all. He also played afterhour-sets with less then 120 BPM because he had a fervor in deep and frickel-glitched house or minimal tracks, too. "My style is not fixed, i just play what i want to play, but basically no standard shit" Paul.Groove's DJ-sets are never lacking in variety, that is what he stands for. In 2005 he started to produce his own music. He met Lars Gustav and they founded the project "evensloped" a minimal-techno experience with more techno as minimal. Early 2009 he joined the e-lectribe family and became a Resident for the impessive e-lectribe partys in Hessen, Germany. Until now he released a lot of tracks under various alter egos like Evensloped, Derbe Grasland, OOFF or Paul.Groove on labels like 9Volt-Musik, Overdrive Records, Schieber Prod., Kaufe Musik or Wakkler. Got remixed by artists such as Jesse Rose or Someone Else. Book Paul.Groove as a DJ or Evensloped as a live act and see how creative and powerfull their sets can be.